Ledger Nano S Review: Can This $65 Device Top Trezor?

By | June 15th, 2017|Reviews|

The Nano S: A 7-Year-Old Can Use It Ledger has done equally well for themselves by enhancing their product line, and the latest release of the Nano S is no different. Older hardware wallets like the original Ledger, in my own opinion, were not as user-friendly like its competitor Trezor. However, after reviewing the Nano S with [...]

Hardware Wallet – TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet Review

By | June 15th, 2017|Reviews|

Released in 2014, the TREZOR marked the origin of the Bitcoin hardware wallet. Provided by Satoshi Labs, the TREZOR could not only keep Bitcoin independently of your computer, but could do so while preserving the functionality of a traditional web wallet. However, the TREZOR was the ancestor to the many various hardware wallets we now [...]